Wine Tasting

10 Tips for Attending a Wine Tasting

Visiting a wine tasting is one of the most exciting things that wine lovers can do. However, if you are new to such events, they may seem overwhelming, and sometimes even a little intimidating. Here are some professional tips for attending and enjoying a wine tasting.

Dress For The Event

Dress in dark tones and colours because they help better hide spills if any. Avoid wearing dangling sleeves so that you don’t cause any spills. Women should preferably be wearing low or flat heels for comfort. People with long hair should consider tying it so they can spit easily or keep a hand free to hold it back. If you’re going to carry anything such as a tasting book, smartphone, notebook, or tablet, preferably have deep pockets to stash them in or bring a purse. Carrying a wineglass around means that you will only have one hand free for holding a plate of food, taking notes and shaking hands with winemakers.


Don’t Wear Perfume

Smell is an integral part of wine tasting. Therefore, it will be impossible to appreciate all the aromas of a layered Cabernet Sauvignon or a delicate Riesling when the air is stagnant with perfume, smoke or cologne, so remember not to introduce any unwanted aromatics to the tasting area. You would not want to miss out on the nuances of the wines you, as well as other people, are trying to enjoy.

Come Up With A Plan For Tasting

At almost every wine tasting, there will be more wines than you can possibly try in just a few hours. If you are able to get a list of the wines or its producers at the tasting ahead of time, arrive at the place with a game plan. The basic plan involves browsing through the aisles and working from light to heavier ones. Begin with sparkling wines, and after that move onto fresh whites, richer whites and tannic reds. But you can try niches as well, such as a survey of the wines of Italy, a comparative study of just one variety like Pinot Noir from different appellations etc.

Eat Something

Tasting wines and drinking some on an empty stomach can end up getting you drunk and not allowing you to enjoy the rest of the event. Remember to eat something beforehand, and if there is food being offered at the tasting, take a short break to eat there too. Drinking water in between wines can also help to keep yourself hydrated.


Remember To Spit

Unless you want to get drunk halfway through a wine tasting, you will have to spit out the wine after tasting it. This is why there are buckets on each table. It may seem unglamorous at first, but all the pros do it. The winery staff are pretty used to it too.

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