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A Trendy Luxury

Why Us?

If you wish to find out what luxury and high-ness taste on your tongue, then you have to try our wine—simple, elegant, chic and the best one you've ever had before.

Sparkle your Style with A Wine

Feel the Classic Luxury

Get indulged in the luxury of the ambience as well as that of our wine.

Feel High, Drink High

Drink responsibly because our taste to perfection can get you high sooner than you can imagine

Taste The Commitment

The commitment and dedication which goes in making this fine wine can only be experienced and not expressed.

Yes! We got the Wine

From the classic Rose to the most expensive wine, we've got everything on our plate.

Never Compromise with taste

Our fine wine never compromises with taste

Taste our small winery tradition

Traditional wine is something to die for, and no more because we have the best version of those with us.

Served up in Glass

More Than you prefer

You prefer wine. We give you an experience!

Happy Customers!

I always come here to celebrate special occasions

- Jerri C Driscoll

The quality of the wine here is next-level

- Christopher J McDowell

Not only does their wine get you high sooner, but also within budget.

- Richard A Boyers

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